Windows Phone Theme colors

Phone theme colorsWhen developing Windows Phone apps I love to use the theme accent colors in my apps. Since there are some new theme colors in Windows Phone 8 I started searching for their color codes. Lucky me I found them on msdn.

Now you may be thinking how to use the colors in your own Windows Phone apps. The Color object doesn’t contain a color called Emerald. So I created a small class to help me out with this issue. First of all I created a small static helper method to convert the hexa colors to a color object. So we are able to put in the hexa color string and the function returns a color for us.

Then I made some properties that caches the colors for us on their first use. The Color properties looks like this.

So this is the complete class I came up with.

When you want to use it in a MVVM solution you probably want to create a SolidColorBrush to bind your control to. You could use my class like this to make a bindable property for your ViewModel.

I hope you found this article useful. Please fork my gist on Github or past the file in your own project and share it with your friends.

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  1. Till says:

    Hi Marco,
    Thx for providing the PhoneThemeColors class, BUT I can´t believe that it works as you implemented it! Color is not a nullable Type, so your check for _mycolor == null will always return false and no color will be initiated to the desired value. Whenever you access a variable of Type Color, that has not been explicitly instanciated (private Color _mycolor;) it will give you a transparent color and not null. Did you try the class on your machine?

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