Minesweeper 7

Today will be again a milestone for me. Today my first Windows phone app “Minesweeper 7” got certified. This app is just a port of a minesweeper version I made once with winforms. It is very basic and simple. I focused most on learning Windows phone, Silverlight and applying as much metro style as possible. The game is completely themed by your Windows phone settings, so you won’t lose the look and feel you like when opening the game. I included a full featured trial, without any limitations compared to the paid version. So you may be asking why making a trial version when there are no limitations. Well very simple, the trial version contains ads, the paid doesn’t. It is available in Dutch, English and German language. If you like to make a translation in your own language feel free to send it to me by mail and I will publish an update in the marketplace. The next update will include some visual improvements. Also highscores will be added in a future update. So have a look at it and have fun! Ofcourse rate it so I can make improvements.


Download minesweeper 7 from the marketplace


![Game](/images/3764592bc85da24797b8e45e5ea2fb59d31d6f48.png "Game") ![Main](/images/becd6fb93f710f4c3f0b1066752544adedf19bf1.png "Main") ![About](/images/0fab47d1fe4810a8a42eea327eca5ae52b00b553.png "About") ![About White](/images/a20845452927067662f71bc6f42d3868516a52b9.png "About White") ![Won Game](/images/420786e2f28613c062355f265a41f83e1b7d33ff.png "Won Game") ![Main White](/images/d687a1c1a279c4879b98adc8e8e1136575332bb6.png "Main White") ![Settings White](/images/ab2672cb6d68e8600551d5fdcd8ac4ea52677ac6.png "Settings White") ![Help](/images/bc18baba6be5637f24334b2797915a07820596d7.png "Help") ![Help White](/images/fbcf0e04fe0d9a2dd2c6b15e75c6e7f4f1cf9f4b.png "Help White")