Marco Franssen

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Marco Franssen

My strengths are in researching new technologies and evaluating which technology and tools best fit with the architecture and operational requirements. By practicing various programming languages hands-on I developed strong skills which help me to guide development teams in correctly implementing design and solving the tough problems. Doing this in the past years resulted in having me always be one of the early adopters in new technology and tools that became very popular which gave us a strategic advantage to our competitors from a technology point of view.

My leadership style is to lead by example and being closely involved in the hands on practices. This way I help the teams grow at a personal as well at a team level to deliver high quality software.

Furthermore I have participated in the Atos Juniors Group Talent progam. It is the first stage in Atos Talent development programs. During this program you are working together with other Atos talents from all over the world for a period of 2 years. In those 2 years you will meet 6 times in various European locations. In between the meetings you work on high profile projects which bring direct value to the company at executive level. I graduated for this program in Februari 2016. Now I'm a proud alumni with a valuable worldwide network that represents the Atos' potential future leadership.

My hobby is photography and traveling. I also love to invest time on ditching out new technologies and lately I have been playing around with various OSS blockchain projects, IoT and trading crypto currency.

Last but not least, I love golang as a programming language.


Senior Software Architect Philips

As Senior architect within Philips Research I work on a broad spectrum of technology. Reaching from multi-cloud deployments to Security and Code Signing to AI and machine learning. All to contribute to improve quality of life. Next to that I work on a program to move the organization into an inner-source and open-source development model. Here we are guiding and creating the CI/CD infrastructure as well guiding and providing migration paths for existing codebases to move into an innersource and/or opensource model.

Code SigningAWSDockerKubernetesHelmReact.jsWebAssemblyTerraformGithubGithub ActionsOpensourceInnersource

Technology evangalist Dynacommerce

As a technology Evangalist I coordinate with our development teams to share best practices. Furthermore I work on the technology Roadmap together with our Product Owners and Architects. Due to my continuous drive for technology innovation I'm also pushing new research projects to resolve certain challenges in our Product. We reached a nearly 100% infrastructure automation, including a CI/CD pipelines for the development teams. Secondly we are working on replacing some of our microservice implementations using Golang due its perfect fit for distributed computing. We also build our own expression language interpreted using Go AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) for commercial people to define all kind of sales rules from Visual Studio Code using our plugin.

Tech leadershipMicroservicesDockerKubernetes / coreos HelmApache KafkaNodeJSJava 8 / 10 (Spring Boot / Vertx)React.jsInfrastructure, AWS, Ansible, TerraformJenkins / SonarqubecentosProduct ManagementCoaching

Lead Architect Dynacommerce

As lead architect I am responsible for the design and vision of the development for our new micro services platform. In the implementation projects with our customers I play a sponsor role in guiding those teams for successful implementation. Besides architecture I am also driving the technology innovation and development infrastructure. Furthermore I am responsible for the guidance of the development teams in terms of design patterns architecture, researching new technologies and shaping the technology vision. Many of the R&D initiatives I have been involved in the handson coding of MVPs and POCs to ensure the architecture works in practice and we get the best solution possible. Being handson involved is key to ensure developers can get the necessary level of coaching for us to get a high quality solution.

Tech leadershipMicroservicesDockerKubernetes / coreos Apache KafkaNodeJSJava 8 / 10 (Spring Boot / Vertx).NET core c#React.jsInfrastructure, AWS, Ansible, TerraformJenkins / SonarqubecentosProduct ManagementScrumCoaching

Solution Architect blueKiwi Software

Working on adapting and revising the software architecture to meet the company strategy. As software architect I'm working with the development team to divide the monolythic application into smaller Macro / Micro services. Each Microservice has an RESTFULL API which is protected using OAUTH2. Furthermore I am working on improving the continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline.As architect I also work on prototypes which can be used by the teams as an example. Organizing workshops to train colleague developers is therefore also one of the important tasks to grow the team as a whole.The architecture currently being realized is based on the SOLID and CQRS principles.

ScrumSolution architectureDockerLinuxNodeJSScala / JavaApache Kafka / ZookeeperReact.jsVagrantJenkinsMicroservices

Global Talent Management Program Atos

The Juniors Group is the Global Talent Development program for young potentials and is the first stage within Atos Global Talent Management. It is a self-organized international network of 45 creative and motivated colleagues working as an international and cross-functional team within Atos. Potential members are nominated by Local Management, based on strict selection criteria.The group combines personal development, training and networking with real project work and exposure to a multi-cultural working environment.

Franklin CovyLeadershipInternationalMulti cultural

Lead Developer blueKiwi

As lead developer Marco works together with other developers and third parties on integrations with the blueKiwi platform. The role also involves organizing technical workshops to share knowledge in the team.

ScrumApplication architectureAPIsSDKs.NET c#JavascriptAngularJSNode.JSexpresssocket.iomongoosePythonJenkinsVagrantPHP

Interim Product Owner Microsoft SharePoint / Lync Connectors blueKiwi

As product owner I am responsible for doing the product management of the SharePoint and Lync Connectors developed by Bluekiwi. As a product manager I attend the Scrum Review and answer development teams questions about the functional requirements of the connectors.

ScrumProduct Management

Lead Developer Microsoft Solutions blueKiwi

As lead I am responsible for the communication with the other software development teams, Quality Assurance (QA) and Product management. Beside that I am responsible for the design and architecture of the Microsoft software solutions. Together with the Microsoft development team he delivers business valuable products integrating with the blueKiwi platform.

ScrumApplication architectureWindows PhoneMicrosoft Office integrations

Application Developer blueKiwi

Developing a first release of the Outlook connector for the innovative Enterprise Social platform blueKiwi.

ScrumMicrosoft Outlook connector

Windows Phone 7 Developer Freelance

Developing Windows Phone 7 applications. •

Architect / Application Developer / Coach Biobank Maastricht

In this project I'm responsible for the architecture of the application which is based on the CQRS principles. The domain is modeled by applying DDD. It is a ASP.NET MVC 3 webapplication based on HTML5. The application is used to administrate details and locations of the biomaterials. Scientific researchers use the services of the Biobank to store their biomaterials in freezers. Those materials will eventually be requested to do scientific research. The software we build assisted in getting those samples asap in the freezers in the most efficient way possible to guarantee quality of the samples. Once the research starts the software has advanced search capabilties to easily find back the storage location of samples. All of this consideirng high quality standards to protext the privacy of individuals prodiving their samples for scientific research.

ScrumCoachingConsultingArchitectureASP.NET MVCRabbitMQCQRSDomain Driven Design

Application Developer .NET Atos

Organized Microsoft Kinect workshops and hackatons. Furthermore I designed the webpage of Atos Dreamevent and did I organize workshops arround javascript, jquery and other popular frameworks at that point in time, to share knowledge with my colleagues.

Application Developer .NET Atos Origin

Leading the Microsoft Kinect Innovation traject. In this traject we researched the possibilies with Microsoft Kinect and a computer. We created several small games and a PowerPoint plugin for controlling your PowerPoint presentation with your own body. Our software works without a XBOX 360. It is available on Github as open source.

Application Developer .NET / Tech lead Atos Origin

Working on the project Eco Energy For Food. In this project I did the technical project lead.

Application Developer (Traineeship .NET) Atos Origin

I follow a masterclass .Net. Including the following topics: UI Design, OOP C#, Advanced C#, ADO.NET and SQL Server Management Studio, Entity Framework, ASP.NET 4.0 Web Applications Development, ASP.NET 4.0 AJAX, ASP.NET 4.0 MVC 2, Advanced Sharepoint Development, SCRUM, Microsoft Product Portfolio. I also did some Silverlight, MVVM and especially Windows Phone research/development on the practicing days.

Graduate Internship (Zuyd University) Software Engineering A&V ict

Design and implement a system for childcare. The system provides scheduling of children in groups. The schedule must comply with certain laws for childcare in the Netherlands. Violations of the law 'childcare' must be excluded with this system. Also the system should contribute to a quality piece

Allround Software Developer A&V ict

I started here to build an ERP system. I designed the businessmodel. The product also contains a POS, and CRM module. I also do some templating for CMS and building modules for the CMS. My recent project is a Childcare application. This application contains some algorithms for making the planning. These algorithms contains a lot of constraints so everything complies with the law. This application also uses the same CRM module, which is designed by me in such a way, so it can be reused.

Internship (Zuyd Univerity) Software Engineering Hogeschool Zuyd

Developing an ASP.NET webapplication with CMS and logic for composing your own studyplan at the faculty of communication and multimedia design.

TypograhpyWeb design

Freelance Webpages, PHP, Graphics Freelance

I do some freelance jobs just for fun. Building webpages in PHP, make flyers, do some webdesign and templating etc.

Internship (Leeuwenborgh) ICT Administrator Gemeente Valkenburg aan de Geul

Supported users. Developed an Microsoft Access Software management Database. Furnished whole CMDB and made procedures for changes etc.

Internship (Leeuwenborgh) employee ICT administration Rabobank

I supported users, enrolled new software, made a html intranet webpage, updated the intranet, learned a lot about Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. I also made of lot of procedures and checklists for doing regular tasks. This way I have scaled up the quality of service significantly.


Core team member Go cryptotrader

Implementing an opensource trading bot with backtest support in Go and a React.js frontend. As core team member I help in defining the roadmap and defining the architecture.

Redesign of frontend

Software and automation craftsman Open source software

Contributing to various open source projects to gather knowledge and contribute to add value.



BachelorComputer scienceZuyd University

Vocational Education level 4Computer scienceLeeuwenborgh

Vocational Education level 3Computer scienceLeeuwenborgh



SOLIDDDDCQRSEvent sourcingMicroservicesCQSMVCUMLDesign Patterns




TDDBDDDDDSOLIDGitOOPFunctional programming

Web developmentexperienced

Reactes6AngularJSHTML 5Progressive web AppsjQueryCSS

Development Microsoftexperienced

C#ASP.NET MVCWCFLINQEntity FrameworkWindows Phone

Agile methodologiesexperienced



AWSWindows Azure

Operating systemsgood

Linux DebianLinux CentOSLinux CoreosWindows 10

Continuous Integration | Continuous Deploymentexperienced

Github ActionsJenkinsTerraformHelmKubernetes




Apache KafkaRabbitMQ


KubernetesDockerLoadbalancersReverse proxyDNSVagrantAnsibleTerraform


  • DutchNative or bilingual
  • EnglishFull professional
  • GermanLimited working



    Crypto currenciesEthereumBinanceSmart contractsHyper ledger

    Sofware development and architecture

    Design patternsTDDBDDDDDCQRSGoNode.jsReact


    AWSMicrosoft AzureGoogle cloud



    New technology



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