Shortify for Windows Phone 7

Always wanted to easily share a link on multiple social platforms at once, or just by email or SMS. Then install Shortify for FREE on your Windows Phone and start sharing your favorite webpages with your friends immediately. The application takes full advantage of your personal theme configured on your Windows Phone. So you won’t lose the look and feel you’re happy with while sharing your favorite webpages. Just try it out and let me know what you think about it. Please give me feedback so I can improve the app for your own goodwill and experience. Thank you and please share it if you like it.


Download shortify from the marketplace


![Shortify share white blue](/images/72f0757fb7ff68e616fcffcde3dc52de9cd20cce.png "shortify_share_white_blue") ![Short url white pink](/images/46078e2f650b5307098ce611ed885d67a9a8345a.png "shortUrl_white_pink") ![Short url black lime](/images/1db60e676f5fda0a5c1b310e9238852a43908d1c.png "shortUrl_black_lime") ![Other apps white ping](/images/0e2d9d60c83596c3528c678f6a2a30c659be56c9.png "otherApps_white_pink") ![About black red](/images/de7bb24198fe9bf1c12d8c8359d3ca72042389c5.png "about_black_red") ![Help black purple](/images/3b960f3fb8eb0955738bcfbf078cdc741896ba7c.png "help_black_purple") ![Startscreen white green](/images/899792cd7b74d90df60625bb5f0998dd1615886b.png "startscreen_white_green") ![App list black mango](/images/17c422d4499aecf43391c845e703a90a30e687a7.png "application_list_black_mango")