Sokoban 7

Sokoban 7 is a classic puzzle game, the first version of Sokoban was published in 1982. Now it is also available on Windows Phone. The game includes 50 levels and will gain periodic updates with new levels. The game uses your phones theme, this way you keep the look and feel you like. The trial version doesn’t has any limitations. If you prefer to play without ads, please consider purchasing the game. Please let me know any feedback so I can improve the game. If you like to provide me a translation in your own language, don’t hesitate to contact me, so I can add it. Thank you in advance and share it if you like it!


Download sokoban 7 from the marketplace


![Menu](/images/248ed95407e05583349f3d1a971cdc36b6fa8d04.png "menu") ![Level Picker](/images/0ddd6f77876e1cd7a3cd636215d41921f9ae2858.png "level_picker") ![Share Score](/images/91fb5c9c515ff9c11f291ef9b5a98af110663c41.png "Share_score") ![In Game Options](/images/2beadecf9965cc6f323859f19df22162662091a7.png "in_game_options") ![Help](/images/1024690998c43bfa7072e0ba38476a34d3de5a8f.png "help") ![About](/images/8c5b925a3adcedbbd5b120f3553fe52409fc4538.png "about") ![50 Levels](/images/234ba8b79a1cf4f1f3435762412c8aae71337e37.png "50_levels") ![Other Apps](/images/6f4027a3c5180aa486259d5ea2dae7c5f9dba8d1.png "other_apps")