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Using Gulp.js to check your code quality

In this blog post I want to show you how you can use Gulp.js to automate some tasks to check the quality of your code. Before we deep dive into the subject and the coding examples I first want togive you a short introduction on what Gulp.js actually is. So if you already know what Gulp.js is about you can move on to the next chapter. Easy to useBy preferring code over configuration, gulp keeps things simple and makes complex tasks manageable.EfficientUsing the power of node streams, gulp gives you fast builds that don’t write intermediary files to disk.Previous statements are quoted from the Gulp.js homepage. Gulp.js is just like Grunt.js a task runner build on Node.js aka io.js. Where you define your tasks in Grunt.js in a configuration based style, you will be defining your tasks in Gulp.js more in a code based style. For both task runner there is a wide variety of plugins available. So what is the real power of Gulp.js? In my opinion that is the utilization of the Node.js streams, which makes Gulp.js a very fast and memory efficient task runner. The difference between Gulp.js and Grunt.js can especially be noticed when working on larger projects, with huge amounts of files. In many cases developers are limiting the usage of both task runners to only their javascript projects. As I showed you last time Grunt.js can also be used to automate some of your .Net/c# tasks I want to show you today you can also use it on php projects. So here is my call for action. Stop limiting yourself and try to apply it on any project you’re working on, no matter the language!