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In this blogpost I explain how you can install Microsoft Kinect on your pc. For installing Microsoft Kinect on your pc you need to install some drivers. You can get the latest drivers from Take all the drivers of the same version. When installing the drivers you need to do it in exact the following sequence.

  1. Do not plug in your Kinect.
  2. Install OpenNI
  3. Install the PrimeSense NITE installation package (see binary for step 3)

When the installation asks for a PrimeSense License Key enter: 0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=

  1. Install the PrimeSense Sensor driver (see binary for step 4) Windows will warn you for a unknown publisher, choose: Install this driver software anyway
  2. After installation. Plug-in the Kinect on a USB port Windows is trying to search for the driver and will find it eventually. This will take some minutes Or you can open the installing driver window and click on the link: "skip obtaining driver software from windows update" This will speed up the driver installation progress.
  3. After installation the led will be blinking green on the Kinect. This indicates a good installation.

On the following youtube channel of my colleague Jan Saris you can see what we have developed using Microsoft Kinect.

You can start with exploring the examples.

I hope you enjoy developing for Kinect yourself. Please let me know your own experiences with Microsoft Kinect.

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