Recap my online year 2012

The year 2012 was for me a year that went way to fast. In the year 2012 I learned a lot new stuff, wrote several blog posts and read lots of blog posts and articles. First of all I want you to give a list of all blog posts I wrote this year. You can find the complete list here and here


Windows 8

Windows Phone


.NET C# 


I even wrote a non-technical article

Second I want to share my starred articles from my reading archive. I used pocket to bookmark, read and archive my articles, which enables me now to share all starred articles with you.

However I wasn’t to consequent with starring all the good articles I read, some are missing and it would take me a long time to spit my reading archives to figure out which articles where impressing me. So for next year I will star the articles better to make sure I can find them back easier, so I can share them with you.

Third I starred a lot of Github repositories.

I even just realized that a lot of cool stuff happened in 2011, so also here a link to my 2011 blogposts. I hope I didn’t forget any cool stuff I stumbled up on last year. If so, please let me and the other readers know by a comment.

For now I which everyone a happy new year, and please all continue the knowledge sharing.