Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. I'm an Opensource Maintainer and Contributor. If you like my work, consider to sponsor my work.

I wrote my first blog March 2011. Mostly I'm writing on software development. In total I wrote 75 articles in 7 categories. Use search below to filter by title or click a category or tag to filter by tag or category.




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Run your Angular app in a Nginx Docker container

Marco Franssen

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Today you will learn how we can package our static html Angular app in a Docker container running Nginx. By packaging our app in a Docker container we will benefit from the fact that we will have some immutable infrastructure for our app. Immutability will give you many benefits when it boils down to maintaining a platform. Things that can not change state also can't lead to surprises in a later stage. Immutability is also well known in functional programming languages. I won't list all the adva…