Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. I'm an Opensource Maintainer and Contributor. If you like my work, consider to sponsor my work.

I wrote my first blog March 2011. Mostly I'm writing on software development. In total I wrote 75 articles in 7 categories. Use search below to filter by title or click a category or tag to filter by tag or category.




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Concurrency in Go

Marco Franssen

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A reason to choose Go over other programming languages could be to have the need for building software which requires concurrency. Go is built with concurrency in mind. You can achieve concurrency in Go by using Go routines. A Go routine is a lightweidght thread to explain this in easy words for the people with c# and Java backgrounds. Please experienced Gophers don't take my words litterly as I do know a Go routine shouldn't be compared to threads like this, but at least it is the easiest for m…