Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. I'm an Opensource Maintainer and Contributor. If you like my work, consider to sponsor my work.

I wrote my first blog March 2011. Mostly I'm writing on software development. In total I wrote 75 articles in 7 categories. Use search below to filter by title or click a category or tag to filter by tag or category.




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Pitfall in FakeItEasy

Marco Franssen

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The current project I'm doing is a CQRS based project, using the ncqrs framework. Today I came to a phase I needed some mocking done for some of my domain services. I choose FakeItEasy to handle this for me. So I started by just adding a reference to my DomainScenario project using a Nuget package. For some of my complexer scenario's I ran into some issues which took me about about 45 minutes to fix one of my tests. For fixing all other failing tests I had to do the same trick. Before I explai…

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Lessons learned when applying DDD CQRS

Marco Franssen

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While I was trying to apply DDD in combination with CQRS I learned myself some good lessons. I was trying to apply this in an agile approach, using the project method SCRUM. I started the project by translating all use-cases to smaller user stories. Based on this user stories I defined a first sprint. In the first sprint I didn't had or make a design for the complete domain. So I wasn't completely sure if I made the right decision for the 'aggregate root / bounded contexts' needed for the firs…

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Some notes on the DDD/CQRS Course

Marco Franssen

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In this blog post I work out some of the notes I made in Greg Young’s DDD/CQRS course in Krakow Poland. In Domain Driven Design there are some important things to think about. In DDD we make a difference in the following components. Aggregate Roots Entities Value Objects An Aggregate root is a set of multiple things that belong to each other. The aggregate should have a name that describes the whole. To come to a domain driven design you should take the following steps: Denormalization T…