Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. I'm an Opensource Maintainer and Contributor. If you like my work, consider to sponsor my work.

I wrote my first blog March 2011. Mostly I'm writing on software development. In total I wrote 75 articles in 7 categories. Use search below to filter by title or click a category or tag to filter by tag or category.




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Going secretless and keyless with Spiffe Vault

Marco Franssen

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Securing the software supply chain has been a hot topic these days. Many projects have emerged with the focus on bringing additional security to the software supply chain as well adding zero-trust capabilities to the infrastructure you are running the software on. In this blogpost I want to introduce you to a small commandline utility (spiffe-vault) that enables a whole bunch of usecases like: Secretless deployments Keyless codesigning Keyless encryption Spiffe-vault utilizes two projects t…

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Install Hashicorp Vault on Kubernetes using Helm - Part 2

Marco Franssen

Marco Franssen /

In part 1 we had a look at setting up our prerequisuites and running Hashicorp Vault on our local Kubernetes cluster. This time we will have a look at deploying Hashicorp Vault on a EKS cluster at AWS. This time we will deploy a Vault cluster in High Availability mode using Hashicorp Consul and we will use AWS KMS to auto unseal our Vault. First lets have a look at the new tools we are about to introduce. If you didn't read part 1, you might consider reading that first to get a bit more underds…