Hi, my name is Marco. Working as a Senior Software Architect at Philips. I'm an Opensource Maintainer and Contributor. If you like my work, consider to sponsor my work.

I wrote my first blog March 2011. Mostly I'm writing on software development. In total I wrote 75 articles in 7 categories. Use search below to filter by title or click a category or tag to filter by tag or category.




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Merge multiple gradle projects including git history

Marco Franssen

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As we started 2 years ago with a micro-service architecture we faced some issues in the productivity of the teams a while ago. This made me think what we could do about that from an architecture and development point of view. As we used different Git repos for the various components of our micro services in the long run it became harder and harder for developers to work with those components. At that point in time I decided to simplify the development workflow to merge the different Git repos of…